The Power of Measuring What Matters and Using Data to Grow.
November 8, 2022

The Power of Measuring What Matters and Using Data to Grow.

The world of business has changed drastically in recent years.   

A business can no longer survive by simply being good at what they do; instead, they need to be great at it. To be great, you must constantly learn from all aspects of your organisation and use that information to make improvements wherever possible.   

Data is the key. Without using data, your organisation will never be able to reach its full potential.  

With Engaging Data’s help, we can support you in unlocking the power and value of data to create successful business development and longevity.   

Without using data, you will have a problem.

Data is the key to success. Without the value of data within your organisation, it will be detrimental to the development and overall growth.  

If you want to know anything in business, you need data. It allows you to predict future problems and solutions, find customers and develop new ideas. Without data, there is no way of doing any of these things!  

Gaining insights without data is difficult. You might think that you know your problem and how to solve it, yet this may not be the case. You may not know whether your solution works or is good until you implement it in practice and measure its results.   

Without data, there’s no way to tell if the solution worked or not. You also won’t be able to accurately measure the outcome of a solution or activity without the insightful information that data holds.  

Without data, you cannot define the problem or the magnitude it can cause. You can’t even begin to measure its impact on your business. So how will you be able to tell if your solution has made a difference? It would help if you had facts, figures, and information gained using data to help guide decision-making.  

Decision-making is difficult at the best of times, but without insightful information – gained through data – this will become even more difficult. You will not be able to make informed decisions about the direction of your company or how well it is doing against its goals.  

Data is essential because it allows you to see insightful patterns and trends in your business. It will enable you to track performance over time or compare the results of different actions. Data is a great tool to have in your tool belt. Like any tool, you can use data to make something good or bad. However, when used effectively and in the right hands, you can make better decisions and achieve better results.   

For an organisation that doesn’t use data, your competitors who use data are and will always be one step ahead. A data-driven organisation has information and deeper insights into how well these things work and how they can improve or change them entirely to ensure that the overall organisation continues to work well for them in the future. Therefore, the data-driven organisation can stay ahead of any competition while providing excellent customer satisfaction through increased awareness and understanding of what customers want or need from their product offerings.   

Whereas an organisation that isn’t data-driven doesn’t have any of this information and insight, working with gut feeling and guesswork – is not a great business strategy.   

Measuring what matters and using data avoids problems and provides practical business development.

Data is also a powerful tool for making your company more efficient. When you measure what matters, you can use that data to improve internal operations, reduce costs and create an overall better organisation.   

For example: measuring how long each employee spends on their tasks reveals that one person consistently takes longer than others on similar projects. By allocating some of their time towards another job, they might find more success while reducing wasted effort elsewhere in other areas — leading to increased productivity overall.  

Creating a competitive advantage, measuring what matters and using data can allow a deeper understanding of your customers and clients. Meeting needs and expectations so that you can provide products or services that meet them in ways competitors don’t.   

Data matters. Use it.

Data matters and will only become more critical over time; always be one step ahead of your competitors when you use data.  

Data is everywhere, and you can use it for various purposes. Data can tell you about your customers’ habits, how to optimise your website for optimum conversion rates, or even how to improve your product development process, to name a few.   

Organisations that measure what matters and use data to grow also:  

  • Create Better Products.  
  • Create Better Services.  
  • Create Better Business.  
  • Create Better Sales and Marketing.  

When you have data in front of you, it’s easier to see the big picture. You can quickly make sense of all the new information and see what’s important, which will help you make better decisions. You also use data to make a case for something your organisation needs to address.  

Data shows everyone exactly why they should make changes instead of relying on gut feelings and guesswork.  

The value of data within any organisation is undeniable. Approached by one of the largest Private Banking and Asset Management groups, we supported a client in becoming a data-driven company with our Data Strategy Services.

Helping our client with Data issues like:  

  • Siloed Data 
  • Data Extraction 
  • Untrusted Data 
  • Disconnected Data 
  • Resource Intensive Procedures 

As a result of implementing a Data Strategy and becoming data-driven, our client could take their data, which was previously siloed and used ineffectively, and transform it into a huge business asset.  

You can read our Case Study in full here.


Data is the key to success; in every business and industry.   

Measuring what matters and using data to grow your organisation is necessary for the strength and success of every aspect of your organisation and, therefore, overall business success.  

Want to learn more or have any questions about how you can start measuring what matters and growing using data?   

Get in touch, and our team of Trusted Data Professionals can discuss how we can help and support you with a bespoke solution for your specific problem and requirements.   

Alternatively, if there is a specific service you wish to discuss, let us know and find out more here.

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