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Stop wasting time processing data and struggling to build new data processes.

Start spending your time being laser-focused on delivering data-driven analytics.

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Overcome 2024’s Financial Services Challenges with Data-Driven Solutions

About this eBook:

2024 is fast approaching. To overcome the problems you are having GET THIS DOWNLOAD. Whether you are part of the Business Team or Data Team within the Financial Services – this is THE guide you NEED in your life! This guide highlights your problems and discusses how you will overcome them.

Make 2024 a success for you and your business, even before it begins! 

This Guide will cover: 

  • The Data-Driven Landscape in 2024
  • The Key Financial Services Challenges in 2024
  • Data Solutions for 2024’s Financial Services Business Problems
  • The Benefit of Embracing Data
  • Preparing Your Business for a Data-Driven Future

… and much more! 

Download the guide NOW or face the problems alone… no one wants that!

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5 Reasons Why Data Isn’t Working in Your Organisation

5 Reasons Why Data Isn't Working in Your Organisation   The power of data cannot be overstated. We love data and you should too!   Organisations in every industry, everywhere are relying on data to make informed decisions, drive innovation, and gain a competitive...

Harnessing Data in 2024: A Must for Medium-Sized Financial Services Organisations 

Harnessing Data in 2024: A Must for Medium-Sized Financial Services Organisations    The financial services industry is no stranger to change, and as we’re soon to enter 2024, it's apparent that data is becoming the driving force behind success.   Medium-sized...

The Hidden Costs of Small IT and Data Teams

The Hidden Costs of Small IT and Data Teams: How to Make Your Business Thrive Again    From powering day-to-day operations to driving strategic decision-making, technology plays a pivotal role - and with this so does your IT and Data Management.  However, not all...
Don't Just Hire Any Data Consultancy.

How Engaging Data Deliver Superior Insights For You:

Spend Less Time Focused on Processing Data.

You shouldn’t be spending all your time on collection and processing.

You want to focus on delivering insight from your data.

Automating data processing will enable the delivery of faster analytics and the ability to respond to changes or opportunities rapidly. 

☑️ Automate     ☑️ Deliver more Data Insight     ☑️ Enable Data-Driven Decision Making

Easily Build and Maintain New Data Processes.

Responding to new business objectives or changing market conditions often requires the development of new Data Processes.

Without the ability to develop these quickly, you will fail as you cannot react quickly enough.

Responding efficiently is crucial to seek new insight and remain competitive. 

☑️ Automate     ☑️ Develop New Data Processes Quickly & Easily     ☑️ React Quickly

Confidently Get Your Data Projects Started.

Starting a new Data Project shouldn’t be difficult!

Have you had to cancel or delay a new project because of a lack of data or possibly even data quality concerns? Or maybe you are faced with a lack of appropriately skilled personnel and challenges with specialised technology.

Being able to confidently and successfully launch new data-driven initiatives is paramount to any business’s ability to remain competitive. 

☑️ Automate     ☑️ Get Data Projects Started Quickly      

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Do MORE with LESS effort.

Enable your team to do more, eliminate human error and produce a higher standard of work when you work with The Experts behind Data Automation.

How We Do it:

Consultancy Services

Transform your company and use data effectively.

We can help you understand what is possible. Then we will make it happen for you. 


Accelerate your data transformation.

Start improving your business performance and productivity.

Managed Services: Solutions

Start gaining value quickly.

Seamlessly integrate your data into accessible and secure platforms.

Our Partners:

To be relevant to your needs, we only work with specifically selected Data and Information Management partners.  

This approach helps you bring true value in realising and delivering your data-led business change journey.


Accelerate with Data Automation. Rapidly deliver a meaningful and future-proofed data platform. 


Unlock new levels of productivity and get data business-ready faster.


Delivering unparalleled automation of upfront data warehouse design and development. Fully compliant with Data Vault 2.0. 


Take care of what’s important. Automate the rest. Do more with less by streamlining repetitive tasks and business processes – increasing efficiency and reducing cost. 


Join the cloud. Execute your most critical workloads in a fully managed platform that capitalises on the near-infinite resources of the cloud.

BiG Eval

The Data Quality Automation Platform your whole business will love. 

Meet The Data Nerds:

Say hello to our team, the nerds who help you leverage your data to make it your company’s most valuable asset. 

Simon Meacher

Managing Director

Carl Richards

Head of Consultancy Services

Glenn Dobson

Lead Data Consultant

Kevin Underdown

Support Manager & Data Consultant

Jonathan Mooney

Data Consultant

Chris Webb

UK & EMEA Client Success Manager

Tyler Bodys

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Jac Meacher

Finance & HR Director 

Herta Waterman

Administration Assistant

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