CI/CD Package

Revolutionise your deployment process with our CICD Package, powered by WhereScape

Streamline your software release process, automate deployments and eliminate manual intervention for faster results.

Get started to experience seamless CI/CD Automation

Eliminate the need for manual intervention

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Average Implementation Time of 4 Week

Written In All Major Code Languages

Build Process Flow

The development or build manager can review the developer’s changes and approve the changes. Once the status of the Jira ticket is changed, Jenkins can identify this change on Jira and trigger a build. 

In the Jenkins build, we can have scripts to create corresponding files for the application the developer worked on. Jenkins can automatically pull the application name from the Jira ticket.

Deployment Process Flow

When the application is ready to be deployed to RED, a developer can create a deployment request on Jira. The developer can identify the application and the build number to deploy against in the Jira ticket.

The deployment manager can review this request and approve this ticket on Jira. Once the status of Jira is changed to “Approved,” Jenkins can automatically trigger a job to pull the files from version control and deploy the files to RED that the developer gave in the Jira ticket. 

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