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Engaging Data: Delivering Innovation Sustainably

Your go-to boutique Data Consultancy for organisations that want success driven by data.

Why Work with Engaging Data?

Engaging Data was named after what we create for you.

With a simple approach and full transparency, we fully engage with you on whatever project you need help with.

We pride ourselves in our clear communication in translating technical solutions into business language. Driving engaging data that produces value for you.

It’s not just about what we know, it’s how we deliver.




What You Gain When Working With Engaging Data

What Leaders Gain:

✓ Inspiring visionary leaders to innovate your business using data as the foundation.

✓ Helping Leaders to progress with their careers by providing a reputation of assurance of delivery.

✓ Reduce anxiety through a seamless and transparent service.

✓ Grow and develop within your company to achieve ambitious but achievable goals and objectives.

What Clients Gain:

✓ Boost productivity, reducing time-to-delivery with our transparent approach to doing business.

✓ Gain access to our team of experts reducing risks to your data project or team.

✓ Experienced team helping to improve revenue, reduce costs, and improve operational excellence.

✓ UK-based team at a competitive price. 

Meet the Data Nerds

The nerds who turn data into your company’s most valuable asset

Simon Meacher

Managing Director

Amol Masurkar 

Cyber Security & Data Consultant

Carl Richards

Head of Consultancy Services

Chris Webb

UK & EMEA Client Success Manager

Glenn Dobson

Lead Data Consultant

Tyler Bodys

Social Media & Marketing Manager

Kevin Underdown

Support Manager & Data Consultant

Jac Meacher

Finance & HR Director

Jonathan Mooney

Data Consultant

Herta Waterman

Administration Assistant


Our Solutions, to Solve Your Problems

Consultancy Services

Transform Your Company Using Data

We will show you what is possible; then make it happen.


Accelerate Your Data Transformation

Start improving your company’s performance and productivity.

Managed Solutions

Start Gaining Value Quickly

Seamlessly integrate your data into accessible platforms.

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