The latest news and updates from the Engaging Data team.

  • Automated Deployment
    Continuous delivery using Octopus Deploy with WhereScape RED Many companies are looking to make Code changes/deployment easier. Often the ability to deploy code to production is surrounded by red tape & audited control. If you don’t have this, count yourself lucky! Jenkins & Octopus Deploy are two, to name a […]
  • Documenting the Modern Day Data Warehouse
    When you’re operating a modern-day data warehouse, documentation is simply part of the job. But it’s not necessarily the easiest or most logistically straightforward part of the process, while also being important. Documentation is, in fact, invaluable to the continued development, expansion, and enhancement of a data warehouse. It’s therefore […]
  • Big Data and DataVault
    Knowing how and where to find the needle more easily, and where in the specific haystack it resides Big Data has been a hot potato topic for more than a few years now, and this phenomenon will play a central role in the future of commerce. Collecting, collating and comprehending […]
  • Is the Secretary of State for Health revisiting ‘the Spine’ with the desire for a “consistent data platform which would see patient data separated from the application layer?”
    “Bringing together data that once upon a time, would have only existed in silos, was fundamental to the COVID response.” (Matt Hancock, Digital Health Festival, March 2021)
  • Data Masking
    Read about how Engaging Data consultants used Redgate Data Masker used to create human readable values within a Data Warehouse. #datawarehouse #datascience #bigdata #data #dataanalytics #dataanalytics #datamanagement #datastrategy #analytics #datascientist #bigdataanalytics #bigdataanalytics #businessintelligence #datadriven #ml
  • Supporting Girls Football
    Engaging Data will continue to support the team & mental health charity Young Minds in going into the 2020/21 season!
  • Data Vault 2.0 Meet Up
    #DataVault #DataVaultUserGroup #DataAutomation
  • Redgate Partnership!
    Using the right tools for the data job. We are really excited to go into partnership with Redgate. Find out more about them here. Redgate’s software can help from development to environment controls. Moreover, these tools are perfect for any data developer! Redgate develops tools for developers and data professionals. […]
  • Speed up development, but keep gold standard code!
    Output from the development team has doubled, engagement with business teams has increased & Power BI dashboards are being rolled out within days, rather than weeks. Engaging Data consultants have worked with an existing WhereScape client, to kick start their data warehouse project. Implementation of bespoke development standards and a […]
  • Data Strategy
    Our consultants are helping a investment company within the City of London, to form their data strategy. The COO has identified the value that data can bring to the company during a data warehouse proof of concept. The work has started to create good data & produce engaging data solutions […]