WhereScape Data Automation Software

From Data Warehouse to Data Lakes, deliver data infrastructure and integration quickly and seamlessly.

Eliminate hand-coding, automate data and documentation, and focus on the work that drives you towards business success.

WhereScape 3D

Quickly and easily plan, model and design all types of data infrastructure projects. Use sophisticated data discovery and profiling capabilities to bulletproof design and rapid prototyping to collaborate earlier with business users.

WhereScape RED

Fast-track the development, deployment and operation of your data infrastructure projects. Dramatically reduce the delivery time, effort, cost and risk of new projects, and better position projects for future business change.

WhereScape Data Vault Express

Make Data Vault 2.0 delivery a practical reality by automating the entire life cycle. Speed up initial development time by two-thirds, iterate rapidly, respond quickly to change, and improve maintainability. and easily plan, model and design all types of data infrastructure projects.

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WhereScape Automation Overview:

Unlock the full potential of your Data. 

WhereScape Data Automation is a software that automates Data Warehousing processes and helps organisations quickly and easily create, manage, and maintain their Data Warehouse.

It simplifies the process of Data Warehousing and makes it easier for your organisation to extract insights from your data.

Key Features of WhereScape Data Automation Software includes: 

Automated Data Modelling

Data Warehouse Automation

Accelerated Development

Rapid Time to Value

Ease of Use

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