Engaging Data Bites: Yellowfin
June 27, 2023

Engaging Data Bites: Yellowfin


We are delighted to announce that we are holding another Engaging Data Bites, this time with Yellowfin!

Join us for our Lunch and Learn where you can feast on knowledge about all things Yellowfin.

Helping you optimise your business and grow customers, Yellowfin makes it easier and faster to discover, understand and act on business opportunities.

You’ll never be stuck with an outdated and redundant analytics tools – Yellowfin are recognised as the leaders in innovation in the analytics industry.

Eliminate manual intervention during your reporting process.

Yellowfin enables you to automate reporting, allowing you to gain insights and act upon business opportunities as they arise!

About Yellowfin –

Analytics made simple. Beautifully simple.

Transform your business or software through data. 

Solve data complexity with automation, data storytelling, collaboration and beautiful action-based dashboards that are simple to use, allowing more people to see, understand and do more with their data. 

Yellowfin simplifies the entire analytics workflow. From connecting to and preparing your data, to building dashboards and preparing management reports, the Yellowfin BI platform has you covered!

Engaging Data Bites –  

Come and join us for this Engaging Data Bites Session with Yellowfin! 

It is happening on the 31st August at 3:00pm.  

This event will be hosted virtually on Microsoft Teams. You don’t even have to leave your office to attend!  

Just click the link below, register your place and keep an eye on your inbox for the invite! 

Save your spot now: 

Get ready to ask some questions to ask during the Q&A too! Feast on knowledge about all things Yellowfin!   

We hope to see you there! 😎

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