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CI/CD Training

The plumbing that makes your life easier and more consistent!

Confidently create your own CI/CD Pipelines during our CI/CD Training Course.  

1 Day


Reducing to £1200.00 when you’re confirmed as an active WhereScape Customer. Group discount available.

10th Oct 2023

80% of our students rated our Training Courses 4 Stars or more! 

100% of our students learnt something new on our Training Courses! 

80% of our students found our Training Courses to be engaging! 

Why should you take our CI/CD Course?

During this training course, you will be provided with:

  • Access to a Training Virtual Machine, where you can develop your CI/CD code.
  • Access to WhereScape 3D and WhereScape RED.
  • Design considerations and variations of GIT/WhereScape configurations.
  • Provided the information about how to configure WhereScape and other command line tools.

Each candidate will receive:

  • A copy of all code used during the course.
  • Instructions covering the development of code and integration into the WhereScape application.

The best results are obtained by working with groups of WhereScape users who have the experience and knowledge of GIT and WhereScape tools.

Who should you take our CI/CD Course?

This CI/CD Training course is designed to explore data with Business Users – supported by technical IT resources – which will provide information that helps to develop solutions.

If you have the following skillset, you should take our CI/CD Training Course:

Data Engineer / Data Modeller – 

    • Uses WhereScape RED or WhereScape 3D daily.
    • Has knowledge or experience using GIT.

Lead – 

    • Has used WhereScape RED or WhereScape 3D.
    • Runs a team of Data Engineers or Data Modellers.
    • Has knowledge or experience using GIT.

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Here is why you should train with Engaging Data: 

Work with the First Accredited WhereScape Partner, with the most experience creating CI/CD pipelines for WhereScape Clients

Learn from a highly skilled team, who implement CICD pipelines across a range of GIT and CI/CD platforms, including Azure DevOps, GitHub, Jenkins, Octopus Deploy, and Atlassian products.  

We have successfully delivered numerous training courses for all WhereScape products.

What will I know after taking this course?

Once completing the CI/CD Training Course, you will: 

    • Understand the principles of designing and implementing CI/CD for all WhereScape products.
    • Create your own CI/CD Pipelines scripts to implement within your CI/CD software.
    • Have sample code scripts, to take away with you!

Start implementing CI/CD Pipelines in your organisation with WhereScape Automation Tools.

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