The Data Quality Automation Platform your whole business will love.

BiG EVAL maximises everyone’s trust in your data through intelligent, continuous validation ensuring data quality, while also speeding up development of data-centric projects and DataOps process automation.

Integrate test cases into your continuous delivery process to verify system components, or even into your data integration process for automated data validation.

The BiG EVAL data validation centre includes predefined test templates and examples to accelerate your data quality journey with BiG EVAL, aiming to get you up and running in days, not months.

Why does Data Quality Matter? 

15% – 25% of a possible increase in sales due to Data Quality improvements.

10% – 25% of costs are caused by Bad Data Quality.

47% of newly created data records contain at least one critical quality issue.

Up to 40% of IT budgets are used for repeated work due to Bad Data Quality.

The BiG EVAL Data Quality and Test Automation Platform

Automated Regression Testing with Mature Algorithms or Custom Logic

  • Standardisation of Testing Processes
  • Frees Developer Resources
  • Testing integrated into CI/CD processes

Continuous Data Validation, Monitoring, Altering & Insights

  • Always being in control of data quality
  • Data Quality Information delivered directly to third-party apps
  • Triggers actions and workflows in third-party apps to react on data quality issues

Full flexibility by a unique Scripting Technology

  • Always being in control of data quality Testing processes are fully adjustable to match development processes
  • Automatically applied to scaled test cases to your full data landscape
  • Maximises Test Coverage


Massive scaling through test case scripting automation. 

Integration with 3rd party solutions and automation across existing landscapes.


 Same-day productivity through templates and solutions from the BiG EVAL Gallery.

Resources to Help You.

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