WhereScape Training

We run training courses for WhereScape Red & 3D.

Course Overview

This course is designed to facilitate the creation of data warehouses/data marts/information stores within the workplace so that the business has the right, trusted information in a single source of the truth, within the required timescales. On this course, we will look at creating a brand new data warehouse from the initial stages of determining the data requirements all the way through to building the information presentation layer with some business analytics.

Who should be on the course?

The typical student will be a data warehousing practitioner or database developer through it is not uncommon to have purely business individuals or people new to this space on the course. With this in mind, we will aim to employ business terminology rather than technical terms to ensure a common understanding. Knowledge of databases and their interaction is a distinct advantage as technical terms will be required.

Outcomes and objectives

The main objective of this course is to ensure that users of WhereScape RED have the skills required to understand the business requirements and create or enhance a data warehouse accordingly.

Bespoke Training

Do you need trading based to a specific industry or tailored to your company. We have help many clients, to create specific content to assist with training.