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Technical Support Service

Engaging Data provides a first-line technical support service & consulting assistance for products & supported solutions for clients.

All support services are built to meet client specific business needs. We currently offer support on the following terms:

  • During business hours;
  • 24 hours Monday to Friday;
  • At specific times – for example during a data warehouse ELT/ETL;

What Engaging Data Currently Support

Our support team provide support on all products found within our Services section.

We currently support clients for the following products:

What Regions do Engaging Data Work In

We provide extensive product and solution support in Europe, United Kingdom and United States.

All support services are subject to a Services Agreement being in place.

Engaging With Existing Teams

Our support team work closely with the client’s support and/or development team ensuring knowledge is transferred and documented.

Whether we are working on a problem with the overnight processes or investigating a problem with a product, our approach is to make the documentation clear & easy to understand.

With regular updates & transparent working practises to ensure the client has a record of the important information.

Interested in utilising our Technical Support Services? Please get in contact with us, we would love to help