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Unlock new levels of productivity and get data business-ready faster. 

Extract, load, and perform powerful data transformations–faster–using Matillion’s Data Loader and ETL tools, purpose-built to work with your cloud data platform.

Matillion ETL

Everything you need to achieve business-ready data in minutes.

Harness the power and flexibility, and economics of Matillion ETL to boost your data productivity and quickly put it to work.

Matillion Data Loader

Use more data from more sources, faster.

Make confident decisions, faster. Remove all the barriers to extract source data and ingest it into your cloud data platforms.

Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud extracts your data, loads it into your chosen cloud data warehouse and gives you the power to quickly transform it into meaningful business insights. our data to make it your company’s most valuable asset. 

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3 Dangerous Outcomes of Information Gaps

3 Dangerous Outcomes of Information Gaps You’ve probably heard us talk about Information Gaps. Information Gaps occur when analytics break down in the cloud, due to implementation challenges, lack of data synchronization or an underdeveloped data culture at your...

What is an Information Gap?

What is an Information Gap? 5 Signs You Might Have One (Or More) Today’s businesses aspire to be “data-driven,” but what does that really mean? In today’s terms, a data-driven business is one that uses data across the organization to: Quickly iterate existing product...

Moving to the Cloud

Moving to the Cloud 7 Expert Tips for Selecting the Right Strategy and Tools Moving your data to the cloud can help manage costs and increase agility. In the cloud, you can scale up or down as needed to handle spikes in demand and control costs. The cloud also offers...

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Matillion and TUI

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