Data Vault 2.0 Meetup

Engaging Data & Data Vault 2.0 Meetup

Engaging Data has started to work on Data Vault projects.

If you are not aware, Data Vault is great methodology for data development (DevOps/DataOps). It’s a good fit for how we like to work with clients!

We have seen it work really well with cloud technologies such as Snowflake, but it is very adaptable to most architectures. 

You would not believe the speed we can deliver project using Data Vault and WhereScape!

We talk in minutes and hours not days and months! Don’t believe it, get in contact for a demo.

What Can You Expect?

The Data Vault user group has set up a free meet up. This meeting will be a great introduction to how Data Vault 2.0 is being used. John Giles a Data Vault guru will be making a guest appears, so you know there will be good content!

See you there!