Simon Meacher

Managing Director

In his early career, Simon built a reputation for quickly delivering accurate operational & financial reports. As a technical resource within the business team, it didn’t take long before he was discovered & adopted by the IT department.  A trend that repeated itself throughout his career.

Simon’s ability to talk business language & translate into technical language has been a key skill & used on every project since.

Most notably, Simon developed a data solution for a Trade Credit broker, which was shortlisted for an insurance industry award for innovation. Simon led the data team which collected and visualised the information for self-service analysis. This solution changed the business process, improved client service, retention & optimised working with carriers to create new products. 

At the end of the first year, the UK revenue increased by $1 million therefore, the solution was adopted across the EMEA business.

From this success, Simon was asked to join a complex project that would consolidate 52 data warehouses into a single European wide data warehouse. While working towards the end solution; all aspects of process design, governance, data law, development practise & technology architecture was tackled.

Carl Richards

Head of Consulting Services

Carl is truly passionate about data and helping businesses use and understand their data. Data really is a key driving force for any business and once you have unlocked this valuable commodity you can quickly reap the rewards from it. Along with his passion for data, Carl loves to learn about new technologies and this helps to keep him on top of the fast pace of change in the technology market. Over his career, Carl has gained huge amounts of experience around data visualisation tools, ETL tools & Databases. Carl is excited to see the way the world is going with more and more advanced AI being developed, which he is extremely excited to be apart of this. With all of this said, people are still needed in this age to understand and use data and collaboration is key. Working with someone to draw out their requirements, developing the solution they wanted and then delivering it still gives Carl the greatest feeling of fulfilment!

Areas of Expertise :

Tableau Desktop and Server, PowerBI, Qlikview & Microsoft SSRS.
Microsoft SSIS, WhereScape Red & 3D, SAP Business Objects, Salesforce, Oracle Application Express & Data Architecture / Application Architecture. SQL & SQL Azure. SSAS Multi Dimension. TSQL including optimisation.

Glenn Dobson

Business Intelligence Consultant

First-class analytical and design problem-solving skills dedicated to maintaining high-quality standards and continuous improvement. Data solution consultant with over 22 years of experience, producing tailored data solutions and websites. Develops and implements with a variety of tools including Visual Studio, WhereScape RED, Power BI & QlikView. A highly capable programmer using languages such as, Powershell, Python, JavaScript, CSS & HTML.  Proficient with database design and build, predominantly using Microsoft Stack.  Very experienced leading data automation project for within complex corporate and SME organisations.

Areas of Expertise :

WhereScape Red, WhereScape 3D. Data Vault & Kimbal methodologies. COGNOS. SQL Server including SSMS/SSIS/SSRS. Syncfusion. PDFExpert. QlikView. Power BI. & CSS. MATSoft. JavaScript. ServiceNow. Jira.

Jonathan Mooney

Data & Application Development

Jonathan is an evangelist in the development of software and data. Jonathan is an accomplished professional in Software Development with over 11 years of experience ranging from financial institutions to software houses. A well-rounded understanding of software development principles and how to apply them to any industry. Jonathan’s knowledge of finance & investment management, coupled with his technical ability, enables him to bridge the Business and IT gap. Most notably, he created a data solution managing billions of pounds per year. This offering is available as the feature of one of Engaging Data’s client business development IFA offerings.

Areas of Expertise :

WhereScape Red, WhereScape 3D. Data Vault & Kimbal methodologies. COGNOS. SQL Server including SSMS/SSIS/SSRS. Syncfusion. PDFExpert. QlikView. Power BI. & CSS. MATSoft. JavaScript. ServiceNow. Jira.

Kevin Underdown

Data Consultant

Kevin is a highly skilled and committed Data Consultant with a wealth of experience on Mainframe and Data Warehouse platforms.  Detail conscious and constantly striving for perfection, Kevin always aims to produce deliverables that are correct and delivered to the highest standard.  Consistently producing quality documentation and technical solutions for complex systems during batch/online development, testing and support by using his knowledge, experience, and strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Boasting considerable knowledge and expertise, Kevin can effectively and successfully use many tools and platforms, including Power BI, DB2, Oracle and QlikView.  Kevin’s inquisitive nature drives him: having a hunger for learning new skills, tools, and use of platforms – constantly developing his understanding, thus his performance to be ever-improving.  

Marwan Riach

Data Scientist

With a keen commitment to developing his industry knowledge using his academic excellence and skill set, Marwan joined the Engaging Data team in November 2021 as a Junior Data Consultant.  Now, Marwan is on a pathway to becoming a Data Scientist!  Having recently graduated from Imperial College, London with a First-Class integrated Master of Science degree in Mathematics (M.Sci.) Marwan gained a wealth of knowledge during his time at university, allowing him to develop and hone his skills in various data tools and platforms: Excel, Python and Microsoft SQL – to name a few. He is now developing his skills further in platforms like WhereScape RED & WhereScape 3D to make him an even more well-rounded Data Scientist.  Additionally, Marwan enjoys amassing data and actively seeking out situations where that data could be put to the most use.