Why choose us

Why choose us

Engaging data was named for the end goal. What we would like to create for you. Our approach is simple & enables full engagement & transparency with clients. Clear communication in translating technical solutions into business language. Driving engaging data that produces value.

Engaging People

  • Personal Brand: All of our consultants have a distinct personal brand, based on sharing their experience and expertise. Each consultant is encouraged to build networks professionally & personally.
  • Translation: We take pride in our ability to speak to the business & IT teams, bringing together ideas and requirements that everyone understands. From team members to board members.
  • Communication: Our approach is transparent & compelling in all forms of writing, speech and presentations.

Engaging Processes

  • Strategy: We help to build digital &/or data strategies that align to your company objectives &/or goals.
  • Standards: Build development, test & release standards that help you build constant & well documented data solutions.
  • Governance: Help to build an overarching governance process, right for your company. Ensuring that risks and issues are sign posts to the right teams.
  • Controls: Develop data quality management, data lineage & reference and master data management.

Engaging Technology

  • Data Platforms: All our consultants are fluent in common database platforms, whether on premise or in the cloud. These include Microsoft SQL, Azure, Oracle, Snowflake & Terra Data.
  • Data Services: We work with companies who supply quality data which can enrich your companies data.
  • Development Methodologies: We use several methodologies for data development. The method changes based on the challenge.
  • Data Modelling: SSIS, WhereScape Red & BIML
  • Data Visualisations: Power BI, QlikView, Qlik Sense & Tableau. The list keeps growing.

Our Partners